Prokofiev's Sinfonia Concertante


“Ignacio Mariscal kept a constant flexibility in his fingering, precise and even virtuoso…”

“he made obvious his noticeable quality of sound and above all his outstanding musicality…”


El Norte

Alejandro Fernández

Camille Saint-Saëns´s Concerto

for cello and orchestra


“Mariscal always impresses with the expressive authenticity of his interpretation…”

“He never allows a note to go unnoticed, even in passages of less importance, he gives a special intensity…”



Radko Tichavsky




Dvorak´s Cello Concerto in B minor


“Ignacio Mariscal offered a precise

and delicate interpretation…”

“his interpretation was of delicacy and poetry…”


El Norte

Alejandro Fernández


“Ignacio Mariscal, today, is the best cellist in the country…”

“overwhelming expressiveness, immersed in musicality, and clean technique…”



Radko Tichavsky


“Remarkable technical expertise…”

“sang with communicative sensibility…”

“refined, silky sonority, he sang and made

his listeners’ souls sing…”


El Porvenir

Silvino Jaramillo




International Contemporary Art Festival


“Ignacio Mariscal offered a broad range of emotions with his cello…”

“provided a mix of contrasting feelings such as tranquility, emotion, suspense and great excitement…”


Ocio. León.

Roberto C. López




Britten´s Cello Solo Suite Op 72


“His great quality as a performer found in the score a worthy companion…”


A.M. León

Luis Meza




Beethoven´s Triple Concerto

“magical, virtuoso, and gentle touch…”

“sensibility and strength…”


Milenio. La Opinión. Torreón

Daniella Giacomán


“Unsurpassable performance…”


El Siglo de Torreón

Eunice Martínez Arias





Ignacio Mariscal and Martha García Renart


“They showed virtuosity, coordination,

and quality of interpretation…”


El Norte




Prokofiev´s Sinfonia Concertante


“Sinfonia Concertante resembles a minefield across enemy lines…”


“Mariscal is an excellent cellist who stood up to the challenge with a confident technique and his very own musical sense: he deepened into the masterpiece and spoke Prokofiev's language with clarity…”


El Porvenir

Silvino Jaramillo




Boccherini´s Cello Concerto in B-flat Major



“song of subtle and romantic tones…”

“profoundly humane notes…”

“Ignacio poured himself into sound and sentiment…”



Fernando Padrón




Beethoven's Sonatas for Cello and Piano


“Ignacio Mariscal possesses courage and intensity in his performance…”

“His full understanding of the music lets him enjoy while he plays. I say, 'enjoy' in the best sense of the word, the one that relates to the freedom of following one's heart…”


El Financiero

Eusebio Ruvalcaba




Three composers, Three generations


“Ignacio Mariscal. I dare to say, that today, he's got one of the solidest musical personalities in cello performance…”

“Speaks of the non-complaisant spirit of an artist, one who thinks and feels music…”


El Financiero

Eusebio Ruvalcaba




Beethoven's Sonatas for Cello and Piano


“Iron and silver sonority…”


San Luis, Hoy

Fernando Padrón




J.S. Bach's Suites for Solo Cello


“One of Mexico´s most sensitive and spontaneous artists…”

“Stately touch…”

“Style and passion…”


San Luis. Hoy

Fernando Padrón




Romantic Cello in Mexico


“Ignacio Mariscal…”

“one of the best in the world…”


Es Más. Cultura

Salvador Carreño


“Mariscal: Beautiful sound, good phrasing…”


El Universal

Fernando Diez Urdanivia